Haley H

Hiring Don was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! From the planning process to the wedding day he went beyond our expectations and made us feel like his favorite couple. I really wanted to have a dance party at my reception, and boy, did he deliver! Even people who don’t normally dance were out on the dance floor saying this was the most fun they’d had in a long time. Don knew the right music and read the crowd perfectly. I also loved that it looked like he was having fun too! He was also instrumental in the planning process. He helped us plan the timeline and work out details for the ceremony. He even gave us feedback and advice for our officiant who had never done a wedding before. Without Don, our wedding would not have been as perfect as it was. I could go on and on, but I will end with some of the comments our guests made: “Wow where did you get this guy?!”, “This wedding is a rager!”, “If he keeps playing songs like these I’m going to be out here all night!”, “His suit is amazing!”
Thank you, Don! You made our dreams come true!

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