About Us


Events are celebrations of some sort—a wedding, a corporate sales event, a birthday party, a private event… Each one is unique and deserving of a high quality focus from your DJ. DJ Don knows how to listen to you and then wrap the event around your vision and dreams of what you’re trying to create. Everyone has at least an idea of what they want for their event. DjDon helps you flesh out those concepts and then give them life. And he is a full-time professional DJ so you are going to get all kinds of undivided attention.

Experience Matters

Don Woodbury has DJ’d well over 2,500 engagements for weddings, company/private parties, conventions, schools, churches, reunions, etc ( 2000+ weddings ). He has provided services for all kinds of events including celebrity weddings, large corporate events of over several thousand people, and small private parties.

DjDon was selected in 2021 as the resident DJ for St. Regis Deer Valley Apres Ski events. These events consist of mixing house/EDM, remixes, top 40, world, reggaeton, R&B, singalongs, and everything in between since he was entertaining an international audience. This is a highly sought-after appointment, and one that attests to DjDon’s VERSATILE, open format approach. After two very successful ski seasons, the 2023-2024 season should be even better!