Don Woodbury – Utah Disc Jockey

Utah Disc Jockey Don WoodburyAs a Utah Disc Jockey (DJ) mixing music at events, weddings and parties in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Ogden and surrounding areas, Don Woodbury has built up an extensive collection of music in many different genres such as hip hop, old school, R&B, funk, classic rock, eighties, jazz, techno/rave, swing/big band, modern swing, blues, line dances, disco, alternative, adult contemporary, country, reggae, ballroom, dance/club/house, electronica/trance/deep house, 50s-60s oldies, and pop/top 40. Don has many dance remixes, both recent and “club classics”, that come in very handy with a group that likes the club feel. He can play for all age groups from junior high school to 50-year high school class reunions. He keeps right up to date with the latest hits—mainstream radio/top 40 and hip-hop. Don also has tunes going back all the way to the 1940s. You can tell that Don enjoys music from just about any style or era, and his love of the music shows when he’s DJing. He can truly bend to any crowd, and has the personality and the depth in music titles to do it. He has fun, the crowd has fun, everyone has fun! You will love the energy!

The gear that Don uses, at all his disc jockey events, weddings and parties in Utah, is top-of-the-line pro gear including Pioneer MEP 7000 controller, MacBook Pro, Denon and MackieOrem Provo Disc Jockey DJ mixers, JBL SR-Series speakers including sub and crossovers, JBL EON speakers, high-speed switching amps (expensive, but essentially never throws a circuit), and Shure wireless components. He carries redundancy so that if a component fails, the show will go on! He could get by with spending a lot less money, but Don says that he has to enjoy the music too, so he makes sure his gear is top-quality. You will hear the difference! And it will help your body move!

A key Disc Jockey (DJ) skill that he has mastered is beat mixing. At the risk of insulting your intelligence and knowledge of sound production, this is an advanced DJ technique that allows music to flow from one song to another at the same tempo. This requires specialized hardware and great timing. The result is increased excitement and audience engagement. This is what makes “mash-ups” possible. It’s a great skill to have when a crowd really wants to dance. Another technical skill that Don uses occasionally is transposing. This is a little difficult to explain here, except to note that it means cutting back

and forth between two songs to add variety and spice. Other advanced technical skills such as scratching, phazing, chops, echos, etc., are also used by Don in the right settings. However, he rarely uses them in a wedding format where the DJ is usually not supposed to be the center of attention.

Don Woodbury has DJ’d well over 1,500 engagements in Utah for weddings, company/private parties, conventions, schools, churches, reunions, etc. He has provided services for the most sophisticated events, e.g., Robert Redford’s daughter’s wedding, to large events of over several thousand people in the Energy Solutions Arena, to the simplest and most casual of events and back yard parties. He has done many corporate events including awards ceremonies and fashion shows. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with his services!

Contact Don Woodbury at 801-928-0701